Eternity's Queendom is a SFW, for-profit Genshin x Honkai zine focused on Raiden Ei, and Raiden Mei!The main focus of the content produced should be either on Ei, or Mei, but other characters from either game can be introduced into the crossover. The content can be set in any universe apart from canon, as long as it is centered on the Mei and Ei as the focal subject.

Thunder's roar and lightning's flash. So ephemeral. This is why reaching eternity is desirable... Actually, this is why reaching eternity is necessary.

Q: What is a zine?
A: Zines are similar to shortened magazines and are filled with art and writing. This zine will feature a crossover between Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact, focusing on Raiden Ei and Raiden Mei.
Q: What are the specs of this zine?
A: It will be A5, perfect-bound and fully-coloured, expected to be around 100-110 pages.
Q: Do I need zine experience to apply?
A: Not at all! If you have any concerns, you’re more than welcome to send us your queries through our Retrospring and the mods will be happy to clear your doubts.
Q: Will there be merchandise?
A: Yes, there will be merchandise. Specific merchandise will be determined by the Interest Check results.
Q: Can I reuse a piece that I created earlier?
A: No, all content must be original and newly created for the zine!
Q: Will there be any ship-related content in this zine?
A: No, we will not be allowing any romantic shipping between the characters, but highly encourage platonic and familial content! This is to avoid conflicts such as age and ship discourse.
Q: Is this zine for-profit, for-charity or free?
A: This zine will be for-profit.
Q: Do we need to separate Raiden Mei and Raiden Ei?
A: We will not limit the creators' creative interpretation of the characters, and will allow any depiction of the characters either as individuals, or as a single character. As long as it is clear which of the two are focused in the content produced, there will be no restrictions.
Q: How will contributors be compensated?
A: Minimally, contributors will be guaranteed a PDF copy of the zine. Should sales allow, each contributor will be given a full bundle of the zine, as well as additional monetary compensation.

Mod Mira
layout & sns
bio: i want mei to step on me please

Mod Jenn
bio: oh to be clapped by ei and mei's thunder

Mod Kiriano
bio: Hi, my name is Kiriano, and excited to be working on this zine featuring our lightning queens!

Mod Pepper
bio: i will do my best

Mod Jamie
bio: hey I'm jamie and I like arson and lightning which makes working on this zine an absolutely overloaded

Project LaunchDec 15
Interest CheckDec 25 - Jan 20
Contributor ApplicationsFeb 5 - Mar 15
Contributor Results SentMar 20
Last Day to AcceptMar 27
Pitches DueApr 2
Pitches AcceptedApr 5
Check-in 1Apr 25
Check-in 2May 25
Check-in 3June 25
Final SubmissionJuly 15